Assessors Home Inspections

The Upton Assessor’s office will begin the second phase of a three-year inspection project.  These inspections are mandated by the Massachusetts Department of Revenue.  The State Department of Revenue requires that Cities and Towns complete full inspections of all improved properties every nine years.  The Town has hired Northeast Revaluation Co to assist with the project.

Inspectors will have identification badges, and their automobiles will be registered with the Police Department.  Inspectors will introduce themselves when they visit a property, and request permission to enter the property to check information such as room counts and finished basements.  If no one is home at the time, the inspector will measure the exterior of the property, and then at a later date, the property owner will receive a letter requesting that they make an appointment for the interior inspection.  It is important to note that no valuation decisions are made at the time of inspection.  For any questions regarding this process, please call the Assessor’s office at 508-529-1002.

Starting the end for February Northeast Revaluation Co will be beginning the inspections.  This year they will be covering the following maps 16,21,22,25,26,27,28,29,30,31,32,032E,33,34 & 35.  The streets will be Briarwood, Brooks, Brousseau, Chestnut, Christian Hill, Cider Mill, East, Elm, Farrar, Fiske Mill, Gable, Glenview, Goss Pond, Green, Grove, Hill, Hopkinton, Kiwanis Beach, Mendon, Milford, Nelson, Miscoe Hill, Old Upton, Old Mendon, Palmer, Pearl, Picadilly, Pleasant, Plumbly, Pond Prospect, Ridge, River, Russell Ct, Sheffield, Shore, south Sturdley, Taft, Walker, Walnut, West River & Wood.  In some cases, it will be a portion of the street and others the whole street depending on your map and lot number.

They will also be visiting any homes that have pulled permits or sold in 2016-2017.