Online Payments

The Town of Upton offers its residents the option to pay for various taxes and fees on line, as well as the opportunity to purchase various documents and licenses without visiting our offices. The following items may be paid using this secure electronic online service administered through a private provider and called “eBill”. Please be advised that the provider will charge a fee to use this service. The items you may pay or purchase here are:
  • Real Estate Taxes
  • Personal Property Taxes
  • Motor Vehicle Excise Taxes
  • Water and Sewer User Charges
  • Birth, Marriage & Death Certificates
  • Dog Licenses – new and renewal
  • Beach Stickers
The following payment options are available:
The eBill fee to pay by an electronic DEBIT is a flat $0.25 per payment. The amount paid toward your tax bill plus the fee will be charged to your checking or savings account.
The eBill fee to pay by a CREDIT card is approximately 2.95% of the total amount paid. Discover, MasterCard, American Express and VISA are accepted. (VISA currently only accepted for tax payments, not utility bills.) The amount paid toward your tax bill plus the fee will be charged to your credit card.
We hope that our secure electronic online payment option will assist you in making your payments effortless.
Real Estate, Personal Property, Motor Vehicle Taxes, Water and Sewer User Charges
Please note that the online payment option is only available while the bill is current.  Bills that are beyond the due date will not be accepted through the online system.  Please note that interest and fees will not be waived if the website is inoperable for any reason.  If the website is inoperable, payments can be made by mail or at the Treasurer/Collector's Office located at 1 Main Street, Upton, MA 01568.
Birth, Death, and Marriage Certificates
Birth Certificate:  If you were born in Upton or if your parents were living in Upton at the time of your birth, the birth record is on file in Upton. Birth Certificates are also on file in the city and town where the hospital is located.
Death Certificate:  Death Certificates are on file with our office for people who died in Upton and for those with Upton listed as their place of residence at the time of death.
Marriage Certificate: Marriage Certificates are on file with our office only for those couples who applied for the license in Upton.
Certified copies of Vital Records (birth, death, marriage) are $10 each.
If you are not CERTAIN that we have the record you are requesting, email the Town Clerk or call us at 508-529-3565 to confirm before you submit your request.
If we do not have the requested document in our records the processing fee will be reimbursed by the Town via a check. This will take up to 4 weeks.
Dog Licenses
Before paying for your dog license online please make sure that the Town Clerk's office has the necessary rabies and spay/neuter (if applicable) certificates on file. In most cases we do have this required information in our database. Please feel free to contact the office first to verify what's already on file.  Any necessary documents can be faxed or e-mailed to us.

Beach Stickers
Upton residents may purchase a sticker for access to Kiwanis Beach for a flat fee of $35.00/season which allows for unlimited vehicle access to the beach.  In order to verify that you are resident of Upton you will be asked to enter the plate number of your vehicle registered in Upton during the payment process.  Once payment is received the Town Clerk’s Office will mail you the sticker.