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Mission Statement

The mission of the Upton Cemetery Commission is to provide a reliable source of burial lots. The Commission oversees the operation and maintenance of six town-owned cemetery facilities. For historic and public reference purposes, the Commission strives to create and maintain permanent records of strategic events at Town-owned cemeteries. Lastly, we will provide a professional interface between the Town of Upton, the Department of Public Works, Funeral Directors, and families or clients in need of burial lots. We also assist with funerals at the cemetery and provide certification of burials at the event as they occur.


  • 3:30 pm
  • 4th Thursday of every month
  • Town Hall

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Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

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Glenn Fowler, Cemetery Commissioner - term ends 2025
Bob Pray, Cemetery Commissioner - term ends 2024
Alfred Palladini, Cemetery Commissioner - term ends 2026

The Town of Upton is pleased to announce the addition of Maplewood Cemetery to its profile. Maplewood Cemetery was accepted as a gift from the trustees of Maplewood Cemetery Association last fall and the final filing of the deed has been completed. Maplewood began in the 1860s and under the guidance of the Knowlton family has been an active private cemetery serving the Blackstone Valley for over 130 years. With the assistance of the Upton Cemetery Commission working with the Maplewood Trustees, major renovations to the infrastructure were completed last year, i.e., complete picket fence restoration and repainting, complete chapel cleaning and painting of both the interior and exterior, masonry repairs to stone infrastructure around the series of water features, to the gazebo, and currently underway to the long stone wall along Maple Avenue. Trees that were fallen and dead were removed, stumps were ground, and many sunken graves filled and reseeded. Several old fallen headstones had new foundations poured and were reset. The goal was to restore the park-like atmosphere to the property. The property also contains two additional lots of 6 acres and four acres that will provide Upton residents with cemetery space for the next 100 years or so.

Lakeview Cemetery has been the town's mainstay for 173 years and still has several hundred lots available and will serve Upton residents for many years to come.

The commission is also exploring adding a Columbarium in the next year or two to provide upright niches for the placement of cremation urns which help extend the life of Lakeview.

As has been the policy, cemetery lots in both cemeteries will be sold only to Upton Residents or those families who can show a strong tie to the town.

As an additional note, with the chapel having been restored to near its original condition, it is now available for use for services. It can seat 22 people and has natural lighting through its windows. There is a nominal fee on the attached price list for its use.

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