What is a Stormwater Management Policy?

In 1996 the MA DEP issued this policy to establish clear and consistent guidelines for stormwater management across the state. The standards of this policy, enforced by the Conservation Commission, are intended to prevent untreated discharges to wetlands and waters; preserve hydrologic conditions that closely resemble pre-development conditions; reduce or prevent flooding by managing the peak discharge and volumes of runoff; minimize erosion and sedimentation; reduce suspended solids and other pollutants to improve water quality; and provide increased protection of sensitive natural resources.

Localities in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are required to comply with a number of both State and Federal laws, regulations, and permits which require a locality to address the impacts of development and post-development stormwater runoff quality and non-point source pollution.

Upton developed a Stormwater Management Bylaw which was approved at the Annual Town Meeting in May of 2012. The Town of Upton has adopted this stormwater management bylaw to eliminate non-stormwater discharges to the Town's stormwater management system, and to provide reasonable guidance for the regulation of development and post-development stormwater runoff for the purpose of protecting local water resources from degradation. This bylaw prohibits the discharges of illicit materials to the Town's stormwater management system and requires the removal of all such illicit connections.

The purpose of this bylaw is to protect, maintain and enhance the public health, safety, environment, and general welfare by establishing minimum requirements and procedures to control the adverse effects of development stormwater runoff and non-point source pollution associated with development.

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