Do I need a permit to cut trees and brush?

Not if you are working outside the 100-foot wetland buffer zone and 200-foot river protection buffer zone.

Within 50-Foot Zone

If you plan to work within 50-foot of a resource area be aware that the Upton Wetland Protection Regulations stipulate that a 50-foot No-Cut - No-Disturb zone must be maintained from the edge of a resource area.

This means that trees and other forms of vegetation may not be cut within the 50-foot zone.

The trees, shrubs and native plants around the wetland edge provide a filtering zone, soaking up the run-off from lawns, roads, roofs, and driveways that may contaminate the wetland water with chemicals, fertilizers, oils, heavy metals, salts or solvents. When you remember that these areas feed our drinking water you'll understand how essential this No-Disturb buffer is in protecting the quality and health of our groundwater supplies.

50-Foot to 100-Foot Zone

Tree cutting and brush removal within the 50-foot to 100-foot zone must be carried out with approval from the Conservation Commission. Call the Conservation Commission office for assistance.

Street Trees

Remember that street trees are under the jurisdiction of the Upton Tree Warden. Please call the Tree Warden at 508-529-3067 if you have questions about street trees.

Further Information

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