Do I need a permit?

If your project includes grading, landscaping and/or construction work within the 100' wetland buffer zone (or 200' river protection buffer) call the Conservation Commission office to determine what type of permit you may need for the work you are planning.

According to the Upton Wetland Protection Bylaw the following activities are judged to "alter" a resource area and must be brought to the Commission before work can commence:

"The term "alter" shall include, without limitation, the following activities when undertaken to, upon, within or affecting resource areas protected by this bylaw:

  1. Removal, excavation or dredging of soil, sand, gravel or aggregate materials of any kind.
  2. Changing of preexisting drainage characteristics, flushing characteristics, salinity, sedimentation patterns, flow patterns or flood retention characteristics.
  3. Drainage or other disturbance of water level or water table.
  4. Dumping, discharging or filling with any material which may degrade water quality.
  5. Placing of fill or removal of material which would alter elevation.
  6. Driving of piles, erection or repair of buildings or structures of any kind.
  7. Placing of obstructions or objects in water.
  8. Destruction of plant life, including cutting or trimming of trees.
  9. Changing temperature, biochemical oxygen demand or other physical or chemical characteristics of any waters.
  10. Any activities, changes or work which may cause or tend to contribute to pollution of any body of water or groundwater.
  11. Incremental activities which have, or may have, a cumulative adverse impact on the resources protected by this bylaw."

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