Help! I have beavers! What do I do?

Beavers are increasing in population across the state. They are an important feature of the environment but we also understand the problems their damming habits can sometimes bring to homeowners and the community.

Read through: Beavers and the Law: A Citizen's Guide to Addressing Beaver Conflicts.

Please note that the Town of Upton can only take action if the problem occurs on or affects municipal properties or roads.

Private property owners are responsible for resolving beaver issues on their own land (see specific guidelines for private property below). Unless an emergency order is issued, wetlands regulations must be adhered to.

Call the Conservation Commission office 508-529-6286 if you need advice about a beaver problem.

View the Procedure to Review Resident Beaver Complaints (PDF).

Specific guidelines for beaver control on private property:

  1. Removal of a beaver dam on private property: Requires an emergency order from the Conservation Commission.
  2. Installation of fencing or other beaver exclusion devices on private property: Requires RDA or NOI approval from the Conservation Commission.
  3. Beaver trapping on private property: Requires a professional trapper with Board of Health permit. Permit requirements vary based on in-season vs out-of-season trapping.
  4. All expenses for beaver control on private property are the responsibility of the property owner.
  5. All beaver control activities are regulated by Massachusetts State Law.

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1. Help! I have beavers! What do I do?
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