What should be included when completing an abatement form?

It is very important that you complete the application and include specific details. The Assessors will provide you with the appropriate forms to complete your application process.
It is a good idea to visit the assessor's office and do a comparison of your property to similar properties within your neighborhood. To start, request a printout of your property record card and verify that all the data is correct including land size, house style, size based on total square footage as measured using the outside dimensions of the structure, amenities such as fireplace, bathrooms, air conditioning, garages, attic and basement finished/unfinished, decks, porches, and etc. The more details you include with the application showing comparisons the better. With over three thousand property assessments it is possible for us to make mistakes. The key and most important factor is consistency throughout the town and more specifically within neighborhoods. Please keep in mind the new assessments are based on sales analysis of property sold during the preceding year.