Funded Projects



           OPEN SPACE                      

  • Purchased 60% of land at Sweetwilliam Farm and preserved 30% through a conservation restriction
  • Funded a study of open space in the Town of Upton
  • Granted funds to study and recommend access design to town-owned Stefans Farm property
  • In conjunction with the Historical Commission, purchased land on Mill Pond for a town park  and preservation of historically significant stone chamber


  • Funded the major renovation and rehabilitation of the Upton Town Hall and made it ADA compliant with an initial grant of $2,000,000 and a long-term bond
  • Preserved historic vital and cemetery records and improved storage of same
  • Funded removal of trees at First Cemetery to preserve endangered gravestones
  • Helped restore the granite steps at Historic Ball School now Town Police Station


  • Financed recreational needs study
  • Funded the reconstruction and rehabilitation of tennis and basketball courts at Kiwanis Beach including fencing              
  • Replaced ground cover and playground equipment at Veterans Playground
  • Financed irrigation systems for athletic fields at West River and Memorial School
  • Provided funds for surveillance systems at Leland Field and Kiwanis Beach recreation areas
  • Contributed to several Eagle Scout projects
  1. Construction of a large pavilion at Kiwanis Beach                    
  2. Construction of a footbridge over sensitive areas in the Warren Brook Conservation area
  3. Construction of a storage shed for athletic supplies at Leland Field
  • Funded the reconstruction of staircase and landing at Kiwanis Beach Ramsey Building
  • Granted funds for the construction of an access road and parking area at Kiwanis Beach Recreation area soccer field


  • Granted $200,000 to Affordable Housing Trust as seed money to investigate affordable housing opportunities
  • Funded affordable housing survey