In 1957 Massachusetts adopted the Conservation Commission Act (G. L. Chapter 40 §8C). This law enabled municipalities to establish Conservation Commissions through a vote of the local legislative body (town meeting or city council). The Upton Conservation Commission was established through town meeting vote and held its first meeting in 1964. Its first mission was to promote the development of natural resources and protect watershed resources. The Conservation Commission Act authorized the Commission to prepare Open Space and Recreation Plans, acquire and protect open space, and established a Conservation Fund. In 1972, Conservation Commissions were given responsibility for administering the Wetlands Protection Act (G.L. Ch. 131 §40). To provide additional protection of water quality and wetland resources, the Town of Upton approved a Wetland Protection Bylaw in 2004 and a Stormwater Bylaw in 2012.
Regular meetings of the Conservation Commission are held at the Town Hall on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month starting at 7:00 pm.  Regularly scheduled Wednesday night meetings are open to the public. Anyone interested is encouraged to attend and participate.  Meeting agendas are posted at least 48 hours prior to the meeting date.
In addition to the scheduled meetings at the Town Hall, the Conservation Commission also conducts ‘site visits.'  Site visits are meetings held out in the field at sites where we have received a Request for Determination or Notice of Intent.
If you are interested in volunteer opportunities (research local natural resources, work on trail projects, or serve on the Commission), please contact the administrative assistant via email
Associate member opportunities are available. To learn more, review the roles and responsibilities of Associate members.
Additional information about the importance of managing and protecting wetlands is available from the Massachusetts DEP at the links below: