Permit Extension Act

The Permit Extension Act was created by Section 173 of Chapter 240 of the Acts of 2010 and extended by Sections 74 and 75 of Chapter 238 of the Acts of 2012. The purpose of this act is to promote job growth and long-term economic recovery. The Permit Extension Act furthers this purpose by establishing an automatic four-year extension to certain permits and approvals concerning the use or development of real property.
What does the Permit Extension Act do?
The Permit Extension Act automatically extends, for four years beyond its otherwise applicable expiration date, any permit or approval that was “in effect or existence” during the qualifying period beginning on August 15, 2008 and extending through August 15, 2012.
Are any types of approvals exempted from the Permit Extension Act?
Yes. The following permits or approvals are expressly exempted and therefore are not covered by the Act:
• Permits or approvals issued by the Federal government, or by a state agency issued pursuant to federal law.
• Permits issued under sections 20 to 23 of Chapter 40B.
• Hunting, fishing and aquaculture approvals issued by the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife under Chapter 131.
• Enforcement orders.
Additional Information
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