Fuel Assistance

The Upton center offers the following fuel assistance options. SMOC (South Middlesex Opportunity Council) is an income/asset based program that assists people with their heating bills. The program runs from November 1 to April 30. You must fill out an application and be approved by SMOC in order to receive this assistance. The Social services department at the Upton center can assist you in filling out and submitting the proper paperwork. The following documents would need to be submitted for everyone that lives in the home:

  • Proof of income and/or last year’s income taxes
  • Drivers license for head of household
  • Social security cards for all members of household
  • Recent heating and electric bill
  • Mortgage, property taxes, and insurance if a homeowner (of all properties owned)
  • Current lease, if renting and landlords information
  • Completed application and possible additional forms depending on the situation

If you are new to Fuel Assistance you will need to schedule a meeting with the Social Services Coordinator to review new application.

For those individuals and families who are not eligible for SMOC the Upton Center has other options to assist residents. In this case you would be required to bring the same paperwork including bank statements of all accounts to the Center and the Director would review your eligibility at that time.

Please keep in mind that both programs are to supply assistance and are not meant to heat your home for the entire season.

Southern Middlesex Oppurtunity Council- Fuel Assistance- Website Click here