At Home Activity Links

At Home Activity Links

Links for At Home Activities

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Free online courses:

         Take a free online course at Yale University!  Check out their course offerings at:

Study a foreign language at


Virtual Tours of Famous Museums:

The Museum of Natural History Visit:


Zoo Live Cams:


Mather Telephone Topics-

With Telephone Topics, you simply call a toll-free number to listen to a wide range of interesting discussions and programs. The latest list of Mather Telephone Topics at


National Institute on Aging- YouTube Channel: workouts, information, resources



LA Theatre:

The Met Opera:

Kennedy Stage:


Meditation and Spiritual Resources

Visit  for a daily sanity break of meditation

Find a spiritual connection—many churches and religious organizations are offering their services online since they are not able to meet in person right now


Ted Talks

Check out Ted Talks, which are short, powerful talks on all kinds of topics—at


YOGA Search "Seniors" for great yoga classes geared for older adults.