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Press Release May 27, 2020

April 11, 2020 Update 

The exponential growth of COVID-19 here in the Commonwealth caused the Board of Health to convene an emergency meeting on April 10th. During this meeting the Board of Health announced that there are 5 total confirmed cases of COVID-19 in our community resulting in zero deaths, to  date.  In a majority vote, the Board approved the ongoing release of new cases to the public until this pandemic subsides.  In an effort to mitigate further spread of the virus, the Board  voted to post signage and lock gates to the entrances of all playgrounds and courts (Leland Field, Kiwanis Beach Recreation Area, VFW playground) prohibiting their use. Parks can only be used for passive recreation… e.g. walking. As a reminder, the Board of Health encourages the use of cloth face masks and asks the community  to maintain the appropriate 6 feet of social distancing when in public, per the CDC guidance. These prohibitions do not include the Upton State Forest and the community garden at Stephan’s Farm. The Land Stewardship Committee has developed safe practice guidelines for the use of the Stephan’s Farm community garden for this year’s growing season. For questions please contact the Town Manager at 508.529.6901 or [email protected]

As of Tuesday, March 24th at noon until Monday, May 4th at noon all Town buildings are closed to the public; all Town offices that do not provide “Essential Services” will continue operations remotely. Schools, which had been ordered to close through April 6 will now open no sooner than May 4.

Steps the Town is Taking

Daily news about the novel coronavirus pandemic is concerning to many, the well-being of our residents and our employees is a priority. Health and safety are the top urgencies and at the heart of every decision the Town makes. Here are some of the steps the Town is taking to protect everyone in this ever-evolving situation.

The Board of Selectmen in consultation with the Board of Health declared a local state of emergency to maintain continuity of government and ensure that the Town can meet the needs of the public.

During this emergency all boards and committees are now authorized the use of remote participation to ensure all group members can directly and productively participate in meetings.

Buildings are closed to the public, but our dedicated teams are available to answer any questions about our daily operations and services during normal working hours. 

We are diligently following guidance and best practices from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

We have increased our daily cleaning routines, including more frequent handwashing, use of sanitizer, and cleaning of equipment in all of buildings.

We are equally committed to taking care of our employees.

We are providing emergency paid time off to enable team members who are not feeling well to stay home without losing pay.

We are providing resources to help employees modify how they work, including flex scheduling and remote work wherever possible.

We are creating forums to keep residents and employees connected and up to date with information to help them stay healthy and informed. Follow us on twitter @Uptontown.

While the environment around us is uncertain, we take comfort in the fact that we have a dedicated team and a compassionate community. We all need to play our part in helping to minimize the risks associated with the spread of COVID-19.

Updates will continue to be posted to the Town’s website at and will be issued via email through Town News, as well as the Town’s social media channels. Subscribe to receive these email messages at 

Additional Steps:

Town Alerts

We appreciate your patience as we continue to monitor the situation. During this time, we recommend taking a few moments to review your notification options for Smart911 Emergency Notification the Town’s official emergency notification system. Please visit Smart911 Emergency Notification to register and set your preferences for notifications.

Virtual Meetings

All committee and board virtual meetings are recorded.  A link to the recording will be posted to the respective webpage under minutes as soon as possible to be viewed publicly. If, despite our best efforts, our technological capabilities do not adequately support public access to virtual or remote meetings, the Town of Upton will ensure that an audio or video recording, transcript, or other comprehensive record of the proceedings at the meeting is posted on the Town's website as soon as possible after the meeting.