Winter Season Tips

  1. If possible, wait until the street is plowed before shoveling the end of your driveway. Most roads are pushed back three or four times before the plow trucks have completed their routes.
  2. When plowing or snow blowing your driveway, please do not move the snow into or across the road or into the sidewalk. It is against Town bylaws to do so—it creates hazardous conditions for drivers and walkers and increases the cost of snow plowing.
  3. If the weather is calling for snow turning to freezing rain, try to wait and shovel your driveway after the freezing rain stops. This will help prevent your driveway from icing.
  4. When driving during a storm, do not pass a plow or sander, and maintain a safe distance.
  5. If possible, please shovel the fire hydrant near your home as well as any storm drain grates after the storm. If rain follows the snow, street flooding and icing can quickly become a problem.
  6. Please do not plant trees or shrubs close to the edge of the road where they are subject to accidental damage by the sanders and snowplows.
  7. To ensure regular mail delivery by the U.S. Postal Service, clear snow around your mailbox.  Mailboxes placed in the right-of-way are placed at the owner’s risk.  Each mailbox installation should be sufficiently solid to withstand snow-clearing efforts.
  8. To help protect your lawn and better guide street and sidewalk plow operators please place reflective snow stakes along the edges of your landscape.  
  9. Winter sand/salt is available for residents free of charge at the DPW. Please bring your own containers and a shovel.

More information and tips may be found here.   Thank you!