Hydrant Flushing Starts on Monday October 4th

hydrant flushing

Please check your water before using it when flushing is taking place in your neighborhood. If the water is discolored, run a faucet until the water is clear. We recommend using an outdoor or bathtub faucet if possible. Discolored water is safe to use but could stain laundry.

The planned flushing schedule is shown below but it could change because of unforeseen events or because of weather.
Flushing will take place between 7:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.






October 4

Warren St

Ephraim’s Way

Jonathan’s Way

Merriam Way

October 5

Fiske Ave

Hartford Ave N

W Main St

Mechanic St

Fowler St

North St

October 6

Pearl St

Christian Hill Rd

Milford St

Grove St

Piccadilly St

River St



October 7

Laurel Ln

Warren St

Church St

School St

High St

N Main St

Hopkinton Rd

October 8

Hartford Ave S

W Main St

Russell Ave

Glen Ave

Williams St

Dairy Dr


October 11



Columbus Day

October 12

Farm St

Glen Ave

Stagecoach Rd

Rockdale Hill Cir

Upton Ridge

Hartford Ave N


October 13

Main St

Pleasant St

Mendon St

Florence Cir

Josiah Dr

Henry’s Path

Maple Ave


October 14

Hazeltine Rd

Whitney Ln

Grove St

Fiske Ave

Main St

October 15

School St

Plain St

Blueberry Ln

Dogwood Dr

Mendon St

W River St


October 18

Grove St

Mendon St

Plumbley Rd

W River St


October 19






Please visit the Upton DPW – Water Division page of the town’s website for more information on the hydrant flushing.  You can also email jmarcinkus@uptonma.gov or call the DPW at 508-529-3067 if you have questions.