Upton's Community Choice Power Supply Program




UPTON, MA – Upton residents and business owners will save approximately $27,000 over the next year with the implementation of the newly created Upton Community Choice Power Supply program.

The Town of Upton, with the assistance of Colonial Power Group, Inc., is pleased to announce it has entered into a 12-month agreement to bring energy cost-savings to the town’s residents and small businesses through this initiative.

“By aggregating, or essentially buying our energy in bulk, we will be able to provide Upton residents with a buffer from the periodic spikes in the cost of electricity,” said Town Manager Derek Brindisi. “We are delighted to be able to offer residents and small business owners an energy option that not only offers stability in pricing, but lower overall costs as well. This is a win on two fronts for Upton citizens.”

The new energy program will help residents and business owners achieve stability and savings on electricity costs. Participating residents and businesses in Upton will see an annual savings of approximately 1.27 percent in their monthly energy bills during the next year and the program will provide a combined average savings of more than $2,200 per month for the town’s homes and businesses during the contract’s term. Additionally, a green-energy option that uses 50 percent more renewable energy than is required by the state will be available to Upton residents and businesses that choose to opt-in to that offering.

“The Upton Community Choice program provides price stability, local control, and competition while also lowering the burden of energy costs for Upton’s residents and business community,” said Mark Cappadona, President of Colonial Power Group, Inc. “We commend Upton’s Board of Selectmen and Town Manager Brindisi for their forward-thinking approach to energy purchasing. By taking this action, they are helping to save residents and business owners money on their electricity costs.”

Under the Upton Community Choice Power Supply program, residents will not notice any change in their electricity service. The only discernable difference will be that NextEra Energy Services of Houston, Texas, the selected electricity supplier for the Community Choice program, will be printed under the “Supply Services” on monthly bills. Residents and small business owners will continue to receive one bill from National Grid and to send payments to National Grid for processing. There will be no interruption in billing, power, or customer service.

Colonial Power Group is the leading aggregation consulting firm in Massachusetts. Municipal electricity aggregation allows cities and towns to pool the electrical consumption of all ratepayers in their jurisdictions and competitively procure lower cost electricity supply on behalf of the participants. The aggregation allows the municipality to obtain better pricing than individual residents and business owners could due to economies of scale. Colonial Power works with state officials, utility executives, and energy industry leaders to facilitate the purchase of electricity at a rate lower than basic service rates. Since July 2013, Colonial Power has saved households and businesses across New England a total of nearly $11 million on their electric bills.

Colonial Power Group, which serves more than 60 municipalities in Massachusetts, was chosen to design, implement, and administer the program on behalf of Upton. NextEra Energy Services was selected through a competitive process. The cost savings for Upton residents and businesses will begin with the November 2017 meter reads (December 2017 billings).

No action is required by ratepayers to participate in this cost-saving program. The program will be operated on an opt-out basis, meaning that all Upton residential and business customers currently on National Grid’s basic service will be automatically enrolled into the program unless they choose to opt out.

The Town and representatives of Colonial Power Group will hold an informational session on October 10, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. at Town Hall to discuss the Upton Community Choice Power Supply program.

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ABOUT COLONIAL POWER GROUP: Based in Marlborough, Mass., Colonial Power Group is the leading aggregation-consulting firm in Massachusetts. Working with local and state government, it facilitates the purchase of electricity at a rate lower than basic service rates. Colonial Power works with state officials, utility executives, and energy industry leaders to reduce community energy costs.

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