Housing Production Plan Steering Committee

The purpose of the committee is to create a Housing Production Plan (HPP), which will serve as Upton’s proactive strategy for the planning and development of affordable housing and present the Plan to the Planning Board and Board of Selectmen for submission to the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) in compliance with Massachusetts General Law Chapter 40B.

The committee is charged with overseeing the Town’s process of working with Central Massachusetts Regional Planning Commission (CMRPC) to evaluate housing needs, goals, and strategies, including compliance with MBTA Community Legislation. The Committee, with technical support by CMRPC and Town Staff, guide the development of the Housing Production Plan through the collection and analyzing of data, engaging the public, and development of recommendations. The Committee will work with Town Staff and CMRPC to make information associated with the creation of the HPP available on the Town’s Website. The Committee shall hold meetings and public forums to review and solicit public input to support the development of the plan.

Housing Steering Committee Meetings

Committee Meetings have been recorded on Zoom and are available on the Town's YouTube Channel.  Meeting videos are as follows:



Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Joseph Laydon
Michael Antonellis 508-603-0219

Board Members

Committee Members



Board of Selectmen representative


Planning Board representative


Conservation Commission representative

Jane Snellman


Affordable Housing Trust representative

Eugene Bernat


Economic Development Committee representative


Community at large member

Alan Rosenfield


Community at large member