Community Garden

In 2009 the Upton Land Stewardship Committee established an organic, pesticide-free community garden at the Former Stefans Farm Parcel.  Plots are awarded to Upton residents by lottery with plots designated for individuals with disabilities, community groups wishing to raise produce for food pantries, senior residents (65 and over) and the general public with additional general plots available if the first three categories are not assigned.

Interested residents may contact [email protected]  Send your name, address, phone number and the category you best fit.

There is a $5 participation fee to defray costs, and gardeners are asked to contribute about 1-2 hours sometime during the season to help with upkeep. We are also looking for donations of compost, manure and topsoil. Please contact [email protected] if you can contribute. 

The ULSC Community Garden leader(s) shall:
  • Advertise availability of plots to Upton residents throughout the year
  • Gather names for the lottery to be held in April
  • Confirm who will be re-using their plot(s)
  • Assign lottery winners to remaining available plots
  • Update liability waiver/contract
  • Make sure all gardeners have signed liability waiver/contract
  • Meet with new gardeners if they need assistance
  • Prepare the water collection system
  • Supervise building of additional plots and repairs to fence, shed etc
  • Coordinate manure/compost deliveries
  • Make sure plots are being used – if unused by a given date, reassign them
  • Arrange for volunteers to mow between plots and around the shed.  The picnic table area and parking lot will also need mowing.
  • Monitor any problems
  • Put away water collection barrel at the end of the season
  • Make sure beds are cleaned up at the end of the season
  • Keep in touch with the gardeners via e-mail throughout the season (some do not have e-mail, so phone contact or a mailing is occasionally needed)