Eagle Project Checklist

Eagle Project Checklist for Land Stewardship Committee Managed Land
The Upton Land Stewardship Committee (ULSC) has had the privilege to work on many
projects with Eagle Scout candidates. Each one has been well executed and has enhanced the
open space parcels in Upton. The accomplishments of the Scouts are greatly valued.
A list of completed projects is available at this link.
This set of guidelines has been developed in order to help the ULSC track the projects and
keep communication open. It should also help structure the project for the scout and those
cooperating on the project. Much of the documentation prepared for the Boy Scouts of
America (BSA) will be requested here and should take little additional time to prepare for the
The following is to be used as a guide to help frame projects so that the ULSC has a clear idea
of how a project is to proceed.
1. Contact the ULSC via email to discuss a project. A Scout may
either make a proposal for a specific project at a chosen or suggested site, or investigate what
projects are needed to see if one of these could match his area of interest.
2. Visit the proposed project site with a member of the ULSC to discuss the possibilities.
3. Follow BSA guidelines for applying for an Eagle award. Submit copies of BSA
paperwork to the ULSC. Most important is the written project description with photos,
construction plans and types of material to be used. The ULSC will also need to know how
materials are to be transported to the project site and what, if any, disturbance is expected.
This may include digging, moving materials on or to the site, and removing vegetation,
4. Keep a log of project progress from the discussion and planning stage to completion, it
should also list hours of all participants on the project. This may be a simple chart or, if
desired, may include detailed notes and photos.
5. Prepare a realistic timeline with “wiggle room” built in. Note that if permitting is required
it could affect the start date. A member of the ULSC can help prepare this.
6. Should permitting or review by another entity be necessary, follow through with the
ULSC. Boardwalk projects typically require a permit from the Conservation Commission.
Someone from the Committee should be able to assist. There may a request to make a
presentation about the project. Be prepared to meet with the Select Board. This may or may
not require a full presentation.
7. Notify the ULSC when the project is due to start. Should the ULSC need to prepare the
site or access to it, the Committee should be notified 2-3 weeks in advance.
8. Before there is a final sign off on the BSA Service Project Final Plan and the Project
Report, they must be submitted to the ULSC for review.
To view and print this page as a PDF file, select: Eagle Project Checklist