The ULSC shall:
  • Prepare management plans for conservation areas and other land managed by the Conservation Commission. Draft management plans require public review and approval by Conservation Commission.
  • Implement management plans. Activities include, but are not limited to: trail construction and maintenance; habitat protection and enhancement; erosion control, invasive species control; installation of signs, trails,  and boundary markers; natural history studies; forest management (including fuelwood cuts); clean-ups; and periodic inspections.
  • Prepare trail maps, guide books, and material for the Town of Upton web site to foster public use and enjoyment of managed lands.
  • Educate the public regarding Town of Upton Land Use Regulations.
  • Report issues and problems to the appropriate Town officials.
  • Co-Sponsor nature walks and other public education events.
  • Hold regular (at least monthly) posted public meetings.
  • Maintain meeting minutes and submit minutes to the Town Clerk and the Conservation Commission.
  • Prepare a yearly report summarizing committee activities for inclusion in the Annual Town Report.
  • Maintain a web-page on the town web-site