Open Space Committee

Mission Statement
Upton's Open Space Committee is dedicated to protecting our town's quality of life by preserving its open spaces, its natural resources, its historic treasures and its small town character.
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The Upton Open Space Committee (UOSC) is a subcommittee of the Upton Conservation Commission.  Members of the USOC are appointed by the Conservation Commission. The committee consists of between 3 and 7 voting members. Others may participate as volunteers without appointments. The committee elects a Chairman and Secretary approved annually for one year terms.
The UOSC shall:
  • Increase awareness and enjoyment of Upton's protected lands and natural resources and educate the public on open space issues.
  • Work with public officials, private landowners, and land trusts to identify opportunities for open space management, protection or acquisition.
  • Help the town develop by-laws , regulations and planning strategies to preserve open space, enhance natural habitats and ensure that rapid development does not overburden town services or town taxpayers.
  • Work to preserve Upton's open spaces, cultural, agricultural and historical resources and landscapes, and Upton's rural, small-town character.
  • Expand and improve active and passive recreational facilities.
  • Protect Upton's water resources.
  • Protect Upton's remaining agricultural land.
  • Promote the stewardship of town-owned open space and conservation lands for natural resource protection and open space recreation.
  • Co-sponsor nature walks and other public education events.
  • Hold regular (at least monthly) posted public meetings.
  • Maintain meeting minutes and submit minutes to the Town Clerk and the Conservation Commission.
  • Prepare a yearly report summarizing committee activities for inclusion in the Annual Town Report.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Denise Smith Conservation Commission Administrative Assistant

Board Members

Name Title
Bill Taylor Chairperson
Tom Dodd Secretary
Mike Penko CPA Committee Representative
Marcella Stasa Member
Alan Miano Member