Open Space & Recreation Plan 2020

Upton Open Space and Recreation Plan 2020
The Open Space Committee has completed a draft update of the Town's Open Space and Recreation Plan. The plan describes the town's natural resources, provides an inventory of open space and recreational facilities, sets goals, and provides an action plan for the next 7 years. See the full document below or view individual sections.
Please provide any written comments on the Plan by email to [email protected] or mail to Town Hall Room 202, 1 Main Street, Box 9, Upton MA 01568 by June 5, 2020.
The Committee will also review the plan and accept comments from the public during its May 28 meeting. Information on how to join the May 28 meeting from your computer, tablet, smartphone, or dial in by phone will be posted on the town website.


Open Space and Recreation Plan 2020 - Complete



Fig 1 Cultural inventory Map
Fig 2 Zoning Map
Fig 3 Buildout Analysis: Composite Development Potential
Fig 4 Surficial Geology
Fig 5 Soils
Fig 6 Unique Features Map
Fig 7 Water Resources
Fig 8 Aquifers and DEP Zone 2
Fig 9 Forest Land
Fig 10 Unique Plant Communities, Prime Forest, and Vernal Pools
Fig 11 Rare Species Habitat
Fig 12 Biomap2 Habitat
Fig 13 Open Space Map
Fig 14 Action Plan


A.  ADA Analysis
B.  Land Stewardship Infrastructure
C.  Survey Results
D.  Four Parks Master Plan
E.   Mass GIS Level of Protection Classification Criteria
F.   Parcel Evaluation Form
G.  Conservation and Deed Restrictions
H.  Breeding Birds
I.   Butterfly Inventory

Supplemental Information

West Hill Dam Flowage Easement Maps (1960)
ACEC Designation (2000)
Upton Master Plan (2005)
Dodson Open Space Study (2007)
OSRP Workbook (2008)
Upton OSRP (2011)
West Hill Dam Master Plan (2011)
BioMap2 Report for Upton (2012)
Losing Ground (MA Audubon, 2020)
Massachusetts Wildlife Action Plan (2015)
Resilient and Connected Landscapes Massachusetts (2016)
Massachusetts SCORP (2017)
Wildlands and Woodlands Report (2017)
NUOS Stewardship Plan (2018)
Fiscal Impacts of Land Use in Massachusetts (2019)
Upton Center Visioning Report (2019)
West River Stream Team Report (2007)
Upton Forest Policy (2013)
Upton Hazard Mitigation Plan (2019)
NUOS Cutting Plan (2020)
Report Card (2018)





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