WPA Forms

Use the links below to select and download the appropriate forms to your computer. 
Policy for Submitting Forms to the Conservation Commission (as of 8/10/2011)
All permit forms (hard copy) submitted to the Upton Conservation Commission shall be accompanied by an electronic copy of the application and any supporting documents in .PDF format.  Electronic documents can be submitted via email or CD/USB format.  

WPA Form 1: Request for Determination of Applicability
This form enables the applicant to seek a determination of whether the provisions of the Wetlands Protection Act apply to a particular land area, determine the boundaries of a wetland resource area, or other circumstances under which proposed work would be regulated by the Act.  A copy of From 1 should be sent to the DEP regional office below:
MassDEP Central Regional Office
627 Main Street
Worcester, Massachusetts 01608

WPA Form 3: Notice of Intent
The Wetlands Protection Act prohibits the removal, dredging, filling, or altering of wetlands without a permit. A Notice of Intent is required to obtain such a permit.

WPA Form 4A: Abbreviated Notice of Resource Area Delineation
This form provides a procedure for an applicant to confirm the delineation of a bordering vegetated wetland, and also serves as an application for simplified review of projects located in a buffer zone.

WPA Form 8A: Request for Certificate of Compliance
Upon completion of work authorized in an Order of Conditions, the property owner must request a Certificate of Compliance from the issuing authority (Mass DEP or the Conservation Commission) stating that the work has been satisfactorily completed.