Lakes & Ponds Committee


The role of the Lakes-Pond Committee is to develop policies and implement actions to preserve the healthy ecology of the bodies of water within the Town of Upton.

A healthy ecology includes the quality of the water, a stable condition of native plant life on shores of ponds and streams, healthy fish, bird, amphibian and mammalian populations. Healthy ponds will support safe and sustainable public use.

To accomplish these goals the Lakes-Pond Committee will:

  1. Develop plans for surveys of the lakes/ponds, including general water quality parameters (clarity,         nutrient/coliform levels, bacteria levels, cyanobacteria dissolved oxygen, etc.) and occurrences of invasive non-native plant and animal species.
  2.  Assist town in hiring professional consultants, as needed, to conduct water quality and watershed studies, and provide lake and pond management recommendations.
  3. Devise strategies for and prioritize various lake/pond management needs based on the survey results and management recommendations.
  4. Implement lake and pond management recommendations.
  5. Apply for grants and/or obtain funding to conduct studies and implement lake and pond management measures identified through the steps listed above.
  6. With DPW and other boards, identify and apply for grants which could fund retrofits to existing stormwater outfalls that discharge to sensitive lakes and ponds.
  7. Maintain an informational Lake and Pond Committee page on the town website; Develop and distribute educational materials, press releases and social media posts on best management practices to control non-point source pollutant loading to lakefront landowners, farm/livestock facilities, etc.
  8. Assemble and educate a group of committed volunteers that could conduct some water quality studies, takes census of local plants (and animals, e.g., beavers), and, when necessary, periodically hand eradicate infestations of invasive/non-native aquatic plants.
  9. Prepare a report of committee activities for inclusion in the Town of Upton Annual Report.
  10. The Committee will be composed of three Upton residents chosen by the Board of Selectmen and representatives of the Department of Public Works, Board of Health, Recreation Commission, and Conservation Commission

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

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Gary Strichartz, Chair - term ends 2024
Mike Penko, Vice Chair - term ends 2024
Bill Taylor, DPW Member - term ends 2024
Deb Amorelli, Recreation Member - term ends 2024
Ed Bergman - term ends 2024
Sally Kent - term ends 2024