Board of Selectmen - Licenses & Permits

  1. Alcoholic Beverages Retail Licenses

  2. One-Day Liquor Sources

Board of Selectmen / Town Manager

  1. General Bylaws

  2. Zoning Bylaws

Code Enforcement

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Code Enforcement - Permits

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Cultural Council

  1. MA Cultural Council Website

    A link to our application page is available at the Massachusetts Cultural Council website.

  2. Volunteer Application (PDF)

    The Upton Cultural Council seeks to enrich Upton and nearby communities to the best of our ability. Volunteers are welcome to submit a application.

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Economic Development

  1. Town Planner

Finance Department

  1. Tax Rate Recap

Fire / EMS Department - Fire Safety Tips for Kids

  1. SafeKids

  2. Sparky

  3. FEMA for Kids

Historical Commission

  1. Demolition Delay Bylaw


  1. Library

Planning Board

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  2. Zoning Bylaws

Veterans - Education for Veterans

  1. GI Bill

  2. Troops to Teachers

Veterans - Home Using Information for Veterans

  1. VA Home Loan Information

  2. Federal Benefits 2012

Veterans - Veteran / Military Related Jobs

  1. Army Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES)

  2. Veterans Affairs Health Care

Veterans - Veteran Entrepreneur

  1. SBA Small Business Development

Veterans - Veterans Affairs

  1. Veterans' Laws and Benefits

  2. Military Report

Veterans - Women Veterans

  1. Military and Veteran Women Resource Guide

Veterans - Wounded / Disabled Veteran Support

  1. Wounded Heroes

  2. Wounded Warriors