Planning Board

Mission Statement

The roles of the Upton Planning Board are informed by Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 41, Section 81A. The Planning Board is tasked with the following duties, which are outlined in the Mass. General Laws and the Upton Zoning and General Bylaws:

1. Adopting a Master Plan for the Town. The current Master Plan was adopted in 2005.

2. Acting as the local authority for the Subdivision Control Law; adopting Rules and Regulations governing the subdivision of the land in the Town of Upton; assessing all preliminary and definitive plan submittals and endorsing approval-not-required plans. 

3. Drafting and submitting zoning amendments for consideration by the Town. When a zoning amendment has been put forward, the Planning Board holds a public hearing in which their recommendation is then reported for recommendation to the Town Meeting for further review.

4. Acting as the Special Permit Granting Authority (SPGA) when designated as such. The Planning Board is charged with issuing the following Special Permits under the Upton Zoning Bylaw: Senior Housing Communities, Open Space Preservation, Subdivisions, Personal Wireless Services Facilites, and large-scale ground mounted solar photovoltaic installations.

5. Acting as the Site Plan Review authority for non-residential Site Plans. 

6. Conducting studies, and when necessary, preparing plans of the resources, possibilities and needs of the Town for submittal to the Board of Selectmen for their consideration.

Planning Board staff also serve on the following other Boards and Committees: Capital Budget

Committee, CMRPC, and CPC.

The Planning Board members and staff services are provided by the Department of Land Use and

Inspectional Services.


  • Town Hall, Room G07 or Join on your computer or mobile app. 
  • See attached agenda below for the link to the meeting.
  • 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of every month.
  • Due Date for applications is three Thursdays prior to the meeting at 12:00 p.m.

Meeting Dates and Application Deadlines

Agendas and Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

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Kathy Robertson, Chair - term ends 2026
Margaret Carroll, Co-Chair - term ends 2027
Paul Carey, Clerk - term ends 2024
Kenneth Raye, Treasurer - term ends 2028
Tom Davidson, Member - term ends 2025

OPENING: Associate Member Position

The Planning Board is currently accepting applications for the Associate Member position. The role of the Planning Board Associate Member is to act on special permit applications in case of absence, inability to act, conflict of interest of a regular member, or in the event of a vacancy on the Board. The term of the Associate Member is two years. The Associate Member must be a registered voter in the Town of Upton and shall be appointed by majority vote of the Board of Selectman and the Planning Board. All interested individuals should submit a letter of interest to the Planning Department at the Town Hall: 1 Main St, Upton MA 01568. For further information please contact the Planning Board at (508)-603-0219 or (508)-603-0128.

Link to Application