Town Manager Budget Recommendations

Under the Town Manager's Act (Chapter 391 of the Acts of 2008), the Town Manager is responsible for the preparation of a balanced budget recommendation.  The Town Manager works with department heads, elected boards, and volunteers committees to develop the annual budget.  The purpose of the annual budget document is to present to the public, Board of Selectmen, and Finance Committee an initial picture of the proposed operations and services for the upcoming fiscal year and to meet the needs of the citizens of Upton

Fiscal Year 2025 Budget Recommendation

For Fiscal Year 2025, the Town Manager’s budget is balanced, recommending a tax levy General Fund appropriation for a total amount of $28,664,527 and an additional $1,770,854 from the Water and Wastewater Enterprise Accounts. The town’s financial position is strong.  The town continues to invest in personnel, capital, and facilities to meet the needs of the town residents. The town also continues to follow a long term strategic financial plan so that we can insulate the town from future economic crises. In development of this budget, we have taken a conservative approach, ensuring continuity core municipal services as we continue to monitor the national and global economy.

Board and Committee Members and the community are encouraged to review this line-by-line report as we all deliberate throughout the budget season; all in preparation for Annual Town Meeting May 2nd,  2024, 7:00 PM Nipmuc High School.

FY 2025 Town Manager's Budget Recommendation